About Us


Endowment Fund Office (EFO) operates to advance and sustain the university mission by raising, managing and stewarding funds from private sources consistent with Islamic values and aspirations of the donors.

EFO is the legal entity established to generate, manage, and distribute private funds and other non-governmental revenues on behalf of the University, including its permanently retained endowment funds. It denotes cash and assets retained in principal, with earnings distributed to benefit various university programs. The vision of EFO is to provide a sustainable competitive financial advantage to advance the university’s educational and research performance through a strategic philanthropic and investment program.

We invite you to look at what is happening at EFO. Our website is designed to keep you informed of all the activities within the department, as well as a way for you to get to know us better, you can also send your feedback to: endowfund@kfupm.edu.sa. If you’d like to talk with us in person, feel free to look through the listings of our management team to discern who might best meet your needs.