KFUPM & Endowment


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) is a world-renowned center of education and research. Over the 50 years, since its foundation have pursued a quest for excellence to ensure the graduation of people with the very best qualifications well able to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in attaining its full potential. Throughout the five decades KFUPM has sought always to be at the leading edge of research across all its faculties.

The cost of providing excellence in education and research rises exponentially year-on-year. To ensure we maintain the level of leadership and achievement to which we aspire we need to seek alternative funding for our education and research initiatives. To this end we established our Endowment Fund Office (EFO) in 2007 to raise, invest, steward and expend funds from an array of non-governmental sources whilst encouraging the spread of a culture of philanthropy for education amongst potential benefactors.

EFO seeks to provide KFUPM with the additional resources needed to ensure the highest quality education and research to which it aspires and that ensures its students continue to attain positions of responsibility over the next 50 years.

Although the University is funded by the Saudi government, the EFO provides additional funds directly to research, education, or student enrichment for activities that cannot usually be funded by the regular operating budget. Thus funds raised might be used to supplement compensation packages and so enable the attraction of higher quality faculty or to finance initiatives more effectively and speedily than might otherwise be the case.

A further consideration and an element in the strategic direction of the University is budget protection in the long term in order to ensure the provision of support to future generations of students. Thus the EFO seeks to be in a position to provide cover of up to 35% of the University’s annual budget should the situation arise where government funding was to weaken due to external factors over which it had no control and that would impact adversely on the quality of our teaching or facilities.