How my donation is spent?


In seeking and managing funds we adopt the best practices in fund raising, investment, spending, and control.

All funds are invested effectively and prudently utilizing Sharia-compliant strategies set to fulfill the financial objectives of the Fund. Investments are made in a diversified range of asset classes that includes murabaha and trade financing; local, regional, international and emerging market equities; Sukuks, and alternative investments such as real estate, private equity and commodities.

Our Fund supports researchers, students and faculty members, academic departments and programs, and the University’s research centers. For example, this year the Fund participated in the following programs: faculty support for the College of Industrial Management; an Innovation Center as part of the student innovation program; and support for the construction of an innovative solar car by our students to compete in the annual world solar challenge in Australia.

Overall, we aim to fund chairs and professorships in a diverse range of activities from Remote Sensing and GIS to Arabic Computing and Surface Physics; to support our research centers by ensuring the availability of state-of-the-art resources; to provide funding for the recruitment and retention of high caliber faculty and to encourage the faculty exchange program; to support several of our colleges including those for engineering, science, environmental design and industrial management; and to finance a series of programs that enhance the learning experience of students.