Gift Acceptance Policy


Gift Sources

The University recognizes the need to receive gifts to help support its teaching and research programs. It values its public and private-sector partnerships, its relationship with donors and supporters. Gifts that support the University’s academic mission are a vital source of additional funding. Gifts from the following sources are deemed eligible for receipt:

  • Cash, cheques, or securities
  • Gifts-in-kind
  • Property
  • Gifts of residual interest
  • Trust agreements
  • Bequests
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Gifts of Retirement Plans
  • Other

Principles for Gift Acceptance

  • The University will not accept gifts it determines may violate Sharia Laws and/or the Laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The acceptance of all gifts must comply with all relevant University policies and guidelines including, but not limited, to the Naming of Campus Assets, Endowment Fund Statement of Investment, Objectives, Policies and Governance.
  • Designated gifts will be used for the purpose for which they are given. Undesignated gifts will be used for such purposes as the University determines most appropriate, based on the priorities of the institution.
  • Ownership of each gift vests legally in the University, regardless of the specific unit or activity to which such gift is directed.
  • It is the University’s expectation that commitments between the donor and the University in relation to gift acceptance will be clearly documented as part of the gift agreement.
  • All gifts will be handled in accordance with the commitments made to the donor by the University.
  • The University’s solicitation of gifts is informed by and consistent with priorities established by the University.
  • Occasionally, funds sought and contributed for a University purpose are insufficient to make the project viable. If the University is unable to proceed, benefactors will be invited to redirect their contributions to an analogous purpose, and / or to curtail future pledged payments.
  • The University reserves the right to decline or return gifts that it determines require expenditures beyond its resources pose a significant financial or reputational risk, diverge from the University’s commitment to academic freedom, autonomy and integrity, or, in any other manner, run counter to the best interests of the University.
  • Public recognition will be accorded based on the level of the gift
  • Anonymity will be granted to any donor who makes this request.