Gift Acceptance Authority & Responsibility


Delegation of Authority

The following procedures have been developed in order to implement the above-noted principles and guidelines and to provide opportunity for careful and systematic reflection prior to the acceptance of gifts by the University.

  • The Rector is delegated authority from the University Council to make decisions concerning acceptance of gifts in accordance with this Policy and is accountable to the Board for implementation of this responsibility.
  • The Rector may in turn delegate gift acceptance responsibility to the Endowment Office Executive Director and/or to other Senior Executives in the University, and in keeping with the Policy.
  • The Rector and / or delegates may seek input from the University council or the Endowment Fund Board pertaining to acceptability of a proposed gift.


  • The Rector and / or delegates are responsible for ensuring that all resource implications arising from acceptance of gifts are appropriately incorporated in University planning and budgeting activities.
  • KFUPM has an ethical responsibility to every donor and as such all staff, volunteers and professional representatives acting on behalf of the University will conduct themselves in accordance with accepted professional standards of accuracy, truth and integrity. The University subscribes to the Donors Bill of Rights professional standards and code of behaviours as set out by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education.