FEEL IT: An Attempt to Connecting People

Jan 19, 2014

FEEL IT: An Attempt to Connecting People

Four KFUPMers decided to walk into an entrepreneurial journey, utilizing their skills to improve people's lives and to make a change in this world; that is how Feelit was born. Feelit is a social network App with the vision of connecting people emotionally and linking feelings to every aspect of our lives. Feelit aims to maintain the human touch in our everyday lives.

How does it work?

Feelit is an app that helps you deal with your feelings and communicate through them. When you first open the app you choose your current feeling, and then you choose if you want to "Embrace" or "Squash" that feeling. After choosing so you'll get videos, pictures, music, and all types of content in the form of links to help you deal with that feeling. For example, if you are feeling sad and want to squash it, you'll get content that will cheer you up. All the content is user-generated added by other Feelit users. You can contribute with your own content as any feeling you wish to help others. You'll also have a timeline of all your friends and their daily feelings, and a profile of your own feelings. One of the exciting features of Feelit is that if your friend is feeling lonely, you can ask him or her to hang out with you.

The Silicon Valley Trip

  Before the launch of Feelit, the app co-founders went on a trip to the Silicon Valley in the US. Silicon Valley is known to be the technology capital of the world with the headquarters of most of the tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook. The area is also known for its rich entrepreneurial culture, which leads to the breeding of hundreds of new tech startups every year. The team attended lots of tech events and conferences to get familiar with the ecosystem and how it works. They have also met with many professionals and pitched the idea of Feelit in many events to get the best feedback from tech experts on areas like the business model and marketing strategies. The trip added so much value to Feelit and to each co-founder.

Winning the Arabnet Riyadh 2013 Startup Demo Competition

Recently, Feelit secured the number one place in Arabnet's Startup Demo Competition that was held in Riyadh December the 3rd. Arabnet is considered to be the top tech event in the Arab world. Feelit was competing against 9 other startups from different countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Morocco. The 10 teams had to pitch in front of a panel of experience judges. Every startup explained the idea, mission and vision behind it, the pitch included its business model and how sustainable it is to help the company to survive and grow financially. The pitch was presented by Mohammad AlQadi, the team leader of Feelit, the judges were very impressed by the concept that they decided to award Feelit with the first prize in the competition. 

Feelit Today 

Feelit is now available on iOS. You can download the app from www.feelit.co/app. You can also follow the app on Twitter @Feelitapp to be in touch with latest news and updates.

Feelit 2.0

The team is currently working on a whole new version that will have many improvements. The team has studied the users' behavior in Feelit 1 and marked the specific areas that needed to be improved. This new version will also be available on Android in addition to the iOS version, and it will have an Arabic version too. The new version of Feelit will be more user-friendly and have more advanced features that will help users to communicate with their feelings in a better way.

Feelit Team

- Mohammad AlQadi: Co-Founder and CEO (Marketing Student)
- AlBara' Hakami: Co- Founder CTO (SWE Alumni ‘13)
- Omar Adnan AlEisa: Co-Founder and UI/UX Designer (SWE Student)
- Omar Abdulaziz AlEisa: Mobile Developer (SWE Alumni ’13)
- Mustafa Ahmed: Mentor and Business Advisor (Lecturer, E-Commerce & Digital Strategies, KFUPM)