KFUPM received gold medals and an appreciation certificate

May 22, 2013

KFUPM received 10 medals through its participation with 10 inventions in the International Exhibition which is held at its forty-first session in Geneva, Switzerland on 10 April 2013. Dr. Shafiq Abdulrahman was awarded a gold medal and an appreciation certificate by the arbitration committee. Additionally, Dr. Ahmad Shakeel, Dr. Rashed Bin Mansour, and Dr. Samir Makkid Ali also received gold medals, while Dr. Jihad Al-Sadah, Dr. Muhammad Hawa, Dr. Muhammad Orabi, Dr. Mostafa Elshafei and Dr. Fouad Al-Sunni received silver medals and lastly, Dr. Bin Alwaleed Ali Hussein received a bronze medal. This was annpounced by Dr. Samir Alwan Al-Baiyat, Supervisor of Transfer of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, showing that KFUPM, through its participation in this conference, is striving to achieve a number of goals. These goals are represented by introducing KFUPM’s capabilities and taking an advantage of global exhibitions in order to present and commercialize its innovations. Furthermore, these activities allow KFUPM to compete for prizes and medals awarded for the distinguished inventors, in addition to finding communication channels with the other global institutions.

Dr. Al-Baiyat also pointed out that Exhibition in Geneva is a suitable occasion to shorten the time for transferring the efforts of inventors to businessmen and media and for inventions to find their way to the market. The International Exhibition of inventions in Geneva is considered the largest gathering combining inventors worldwide. It primarily focuses on the economical aspect of inventions, and attracts more than 75,000 inventors, specialists, journalists and stakeholders.

Dr. Iyad T. Alzahranah, Director of the Innovation Center, said that KFUPM management sparing no effort in supporting the activities of the university in an effective way globally and locally. He also added that the university selected ten inventions according to precise criteria and conditions consistent with the current stage and in collaboration with global experts. These innovations included patents which are the front-runners of marketing successes. They have been positioned in the past two years based on global needs and according to the investment opportunities for ensuring global commercialization.