Business Park


KFUPM has allocated a piece of land in a strategic location near the entrance of Saudi Aramco. In order to develop the resources of the Endowment fund, office and residential towers will be built for renting to the companies contracting with Saudi Aramco. The Business Park will contain a lot of engineering firms, IT companies, and construction companies working with Saudi Aramco. Also we will build a conference and training center includes rooms and halls equipped with all modern services. In addition first class hotel will be built that serve businessmen. In the design, we take in consideration the integration between all the services provided and the professional nature, which provides the ideal environment for work, sport, and comfort, and through the provision of numerous restaurants, offices service centers, and supporting artwork.

KFUPM looks forward to make the Business Park provides opportunities for practical training for students with companies operating in the Business Park, and opportunities to gain professional experience for faculty members through advisory work with these companies and cooperation between the companies and the university in the areas of research and teaching.

Development Vision